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Interpretive Planning

Going Places

Going Places: Past Present Future showcased how the people of Waterloo Region have been actively ‘on the move’ by water, road, rail, and air through time and into the future. 


Beer! The Exhibit

This exhibit allowed visitors to discover the history of brewing,and the selling and consuming of beer in Canada, with a focus on more than 175 years of brewing tradition in Waterloo Region.


Unconventional Thinking

This exhibit explored the process of innovation - how an invention gets to market or sometimes fails to get beyond the drawing board - and the many stories of innovation in Waterloo Region. 


Peep’s World 

Peep’s World is based on the WGBH series PEEP and the Big Wide World and offers early learners and their parents the opportunity to develop science skills in a fun, hands-on environment. 


The Common 

For games and gatherings, The Common is a place for visitors to play. The design of the space was challenging as it needed to be suitable for visitors and also programs and catered rental events!


History is All Around Us

After doing an extensive audience consultation, the Connecticut Historical Society Museum understood that visitors want museums to help them understand who they are in relation to the world around them and the past. “History is all around us” was selected as the key organizing theme for this exhibit.

American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) Award of Merit Winner


Connecticut  Valley Furniture 

Showcasing 24 important pieces, the challenge this exhibit posed was how to make the specialized nature of the content approachable to as wide an audience as possible. 


City on Edge

The City On Edge exhibit tells the story of how and why the city of Berlin changed its name to Kitchener on September 1,1916, and was on exhibit in 2016, the 100th anniversary of the name change.

Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence in Exhibitions


What Makes Us Who We Are? 

What Makes Us Who We Are? traces the human history of Waterloo Region from approximately 12,000 years ago, from Indigenous Peoples' first connections to this land, to European settlement at the start of the 1800s, to the manufacturing heydays of the 1900s, to the high tech sector boom of recent years.  


Children of Hangzhou 

In this multilingual exhibit, visitors discover that Chinese life today mixes ancient traditions with modern lifestyles, and that life in China is both similar to and different from life in North America.



This state-of-the-art kid-sized performance space introduces children to the world of performing arts. KidStage gives kids a taste of what it's like in and around the spotlights.


Blue Man Group - Making Waves

Making Waves encourages playful learning through sensory engagement and interactive entertainment. Colors, shadows and luminescent objects create an exciting visual setting. 


Heroes, Heartthrobs and Horrors

Heroes, Heartthrobs and Horrors is a different kind of comic book exhibit. Using the invention of the modern American comic book in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1933 as a starting point, the exhibit explores this important pop cultural phenomenon using engaging interactive experiences.



Soundbridge is an interactive and interpretive setting for the exploration, creation, and understanding of symphonic music.

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