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Exhibits Writ Small

Painting with Thread

Schneider Haus Artist-in-Residence Sarah Godfrey explores embroidery as a marriage of illustration and fibre art. This exhibit demonstrates her love of nature, colour and whimsy in a collection of hoop art pieces, upcycled garments and paintings/drawings Created and installed in 2020, during the pandemic.

thread 1.jpg

HerStory - A Woman's Life, 1850 to 1900

In honour of International Women's Day, McDougall Cottage launched an exhibit showcasing what life was life for local Victorian women. Who was the Victorian woman? Women have always been active and important members of the communities where they live, work, and grow, and the women of this area are no exception.

herstory 4.jpg

More than Haggis and Kilts

Scottish immigrants and their descendants have been involved in all aspects of the development of Canada. From politics and technology to education and place names, Scottish influence can be found throughout the country. Come discover the lasting impact Scots have had on Canadian life – it’s not just bagpipes and tartan!

shaped 2.jpg

Baggage - Carrying On Between Two Worlds

This remarkable installation came from 2018 Artist-in-Residence Naomi Smith, a First Nations Artist and Educator. The show displayed her most recent beadwork creations alongside historic Indigenous beaded pieces.

baggage 2.jpg

Fire and Steel

2017 Artist-in-Residence Blacksmith Douglas Morlock created the Fire and Steel exhibit that showcased the Blacksmith craft. From practical pieces such as utensils and latches, to the ornate designs of Betty Lamps and heart-shaped trivets, detail and craftsmanship was represented in this skilled trade.

steel 1.jpg

Fairies, Brownies and Changelings: Scottish Folklore and Legends

Mythical and mischievous creatures, Faeries play a prominent and important role in Scottish folklore. The community was challenged their own unique Faerie House! All Faerie Houses received were displayed at McDougall Cottage.

faery 2.jpg

 Still Standing

The year 2016 marked the 200th anniversary of the construction of Schneider Haus. This exhibit showed the techniques that were used to build the Haus, and how they have helped its survival in a constantly changing neighbourhood. Still Standing showcased rare images, family artifacts, and insight into life at Schneider Haus, a lasting fixture in the downtown core of Kitchener, Ontario.

standing 1.jpg

Toying With Science

Toying With Science showed visitors what famous toys have come from Connecticut, how they are made, and how they work.  The exhibit of made-in-Connecticut toys featured those with "unexpected science connections."


For the Birds: Upcycled Bird Palaces

Dr. Graeme Chalmers has always enjoyed making things with wood. His birdhouse creations first began with visits to thrift stores. Using found, wooden objects, Graeme transforms everyday objects into architectural masterpieces. His birdhouses are an intersection of vibrant colour and architectural decoration. Created and installed in 2020, during the pandemic.

birds 3.jpg

Storytelling in Stone

Sophie Drouin was the 2019 Artist-in-Residence at Schneider Haus National Historic Site. This exhibit showcased her beautiful works of mosaic art. Sophie, an internationally recognized practitioner of this ancient art form, aspires to convey weightlessness and fluidity, and her pieces at times seem to defy gravity.

stone 2.jpg

Exterior Signage

Interpretive signage was placed along pedestrian walkways outside of both Schneider Haus and McDougall Cottage.  The panels were to inform passersby of the history of each site - and that they were now museums that could be visited.  Panels were made from highly durable iZone material. 


Keepsakes - Ojibway Quillwork

Quillwork is a uniquely North American decorative art form that Ontario's Ojibway peoples have excelled at for centuries. Keepsakes - Ojibway Quillwork featured birch bark boxes, collected by former University of Guelph professor, Dr. Kari Grimstad, during the years 1979 to 2000. This remarkable collection, depicting Ojibway stories, symbols, and spiritual beliefs, showcased the artistry of female quill artists from several Ojibway First Nations.


Grand National Quilt Show - Oh! Canada

The Grand National for 2017 challenged quilters to create a work of quilt art that captured the essence of their part of Canada - its history, its geography, its cultural diversity, its traditions... reasons for celebrating 150 years of our nation. 

national 1.jpg


This exhibit featured visual media art by the 2016 Schneider Haus Artist-in-Residence, James Anthony Usas, is an artist and filmmaker. Presented as a collection of films and still images drawn from regional history, urban exploration and personal reflection, ANIMA ÜRBEM dissolves collective memory into hypnotic fantasy offering a fragmented yet sublime wandering through fire and water.

anima 3.jpg

Moving Water

See the ways that water has been transported, from a 1800s ceramic harvest ring or water bottle, to a neck yoke to carry buckets of water. Discover how innovative people from Waterloo Region have helped people around the world access  groundwater. This exhibit is located at the entrance to the museum's washrooms(!).


- Exhibition Design

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